Beal’s Farm has been producing award-winning charcuterie from its own herd of Mangalitsa pigs for over 10 years. Prized for its well-marbled, richly flavoured meat, this heritage breed from Hungary has a wickedly decadent abundance of fat, making it ideally suited for air drying.

At the beginning of 2022, production was relocated to Eridge Park, the oldest deer park in England. A new range of venison charcuterie was developed utilising Sika and Fallow deer from the park. Their Mangalitsa pigs were moved to woodland on the estate the same year, supplementing their diet with a rich variety of berries, roots and acorns.

Whole animal butchery is carried out in-house, with the most sought after hams hanging for up to a year before being deemed ready for tasting. Finished products are individually prepared, dressed and wrapped for each customer to ensure the highest standards are maintained every step of the way from field to fork. It is no surprise that Beal’s Farm counts Michelin star chefs, top boutique hotels, gastropubs, fine food delicatessens, plus a number of England’s finest vineyards among their client base.

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